Protecting Your Inner Peace

We live in some crazy times right now. Are we all in agreement with that? From the global pandemic to a racial reckoning sweeping across this nation and one of the most important elections this country has ever seen just a couple weeks away, it's getting to be a lot.
We can't control everything that's going on in the world so now more than ever we need to protect one of the most important things we can-our inner peace. We all need an escape from the world sometimes but some of our personal lives are just as hectic as what's going on in the world so there's nowhere we can go for peace.
Protecting your inner peace is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and it's something we all have to work at including me. Here are some things to get you started on this journey:
1. Limit your social media use.

It’s so hard nowadays to put down our phones and disconnect from the internet but we have to. While social media can be amazing at times, it is also filled with toxicity and negativity everywhere. We use social media to compare our lives to the lives other people are living publicly and then get depressed thinking about why this can't be your life. Even though you know that their lives aren't as perfect as they portray online, we're only human and those feelings come up whether you want them to or not. Try and go one day a week without scrolling through social media and see how much better you feel that day. 

2. Remove Peace Stealers From Your Life

We all have those friends in our lives that only come to you when they have problems. Any time you talk it’s all about how they need your help or how everything in their life is going wrong. They always expect you to be there for them, but when you need them they always have an excuse to not be around. That friend that just came to your mind? It's time to let her go. One of the best things you can do for yourself is let go of friends who expect everything from you, but have nothing to offer in return except negative energy. 

 3. Create A Peace Area

This is a place in your home that's filled with things that only make you happy. Fill it with candles, your favorite decorative items, your favorite books and other things that make you smile and feel at peace. This doesn't have to be a physical place. It can be a state of mind. Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I change into comfy pj's, make some tea, light a candle, curl up under my weighted blanket, watch Criminal Minds and avoid answering messages (to the squad this is what I'm doing when I ignore your messages lol). This peace area is your little bubble and there are no bad vibes allowed here. 

These are just a couple of tips to get you started on your journey. There are many more things you can do to protect your inner peace so stay tuned for a Part 2. 
Comment below and let me know what you're currently doing or want to start doing to protect your inner peace. 
xo, Oumou


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