Our Story

So here's the story:

I don't know about you but I'm VERY picky about candle scents. The perfect candle needs to smell amazing and invigorate my senses but not so strong that it gives me a headache. Most of all it needs to be affordable (so that I don't go broke trying to support my little habit)!
That being said, I found myself attracted to candles that smelled amazing but were so expensive I would barely even light them. What's the point of buying the candle then?
I thought to myself that there had to be a way to have the luxury scents without the luxury price tag and so Monarch Candles was born. (…..well it wasn't called Monarch Candles yet.)
Monarch was what happened when my love of candles met my desire to celebrate and empower women. This brand was created to be a celebration of womanhood and remind us just how powerful we are. It's time for us to recognize the need to treat ourselves when the rest of the world won't.
Designed to make a bold statement, every Monarch Candle is made with 100% soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, and richly scented fragrances.
I hope you enjoy every moment spent with your Monarch Candle because you deserve it.
Welcome to the Tribe.
Yours truly,
Oumou K.
Founder, Monarch Candles